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Who Says Change Isn't Possible?

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

One Planet Matters was set up to create environmental and social change. In late 2020, we developed our Growing Communities Network and in February 2021 we worked on our first small project.

With successful CrowdFunders, National Lottery grants, and other supporters, we end 2021 having created and/or planned 39 projects. These projects range from working with local town councils to design and project manage the development of a community hub and growing areas, to supporting communities and schools plant orchards and create growing spaces - and much more.

We always look to improve biodiversity with companion planting, planting of pollinators, and developing wildflower areas where appropriate. From January, we will be launching our online resource page which will give our network access to lots of useful information.

Click on this map to find out where are current projects are happening across the UK. It's very exciting!

That is a great first year and we are now developing an app to bring our networks together; linking together allotments, households, environmental groups, and other growing areas so we can support local vulnerable groups with fresh, healthy local produce. These groups include care homes and food banks.

If you are a local council, parish council, environmental group, school, or other and would like to know more then please get in touch via this link.

Stay tuned because we have some very exciting developments coming in the new year...

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