Our  "growing communities" can be created anywhere. On concrete, in urban areas as well as green spaces.  We bring people together  & work with them so they can create growing spaces, providing their local community with fresh healthy food, improved biodiversity reduced purchases from the supermarket. The food that is produced will also be fed back into supporting vulnerable groups within the locality.  This activity also enhances concepts of social responsibility for the young people involved.  Our growing communities network also links with other community organisations, such as local allotments and other community food producers as well as free food locations.  Our local volunteers will then pick up and distribute the fresh healthy food to those that need it.  
 The activities are communal, healthy and improve mental well being and take place in schools, colleges, and communities in any location  
Schools can also access our workshops creating a better understanding of how these activities  create positive environmental outcomes for the planet
Click the link below to see where  our activities are taking place.  
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