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These are our friends or people we have enjoyed working with. Click on any of the links to find out more.
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Lodge Farm Trees

Lodge Farm Trees has provided us with a wonderful range of traditional fruit varieties.  We would recommend them to you, as the owner Rob is knowledgeable and  is passionate about ensuring traditional varieties continue to thrive. 


We have used Perrie Hale on our Tree projects and  recommend them  as they stock a large range of native broadleaf trees, bushes,  hedging and fruit trees.  


This is a great project focused on promoting the UN global goals. And if you are not sure what they are, have a look here


Great design team, working on digital and print. Check their work.


These are our friends at the Frome Valley Growing project, we are supporting them develop a food forest. They are doing great work - Check them out here

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We have collaborated with the Curry Woods Conservation Trust adding 100 native broad leaf trees to their great project.  


Mike and the folks at 9 trees are making a difference by planting lots of trees.  Pop in and have a look.


These are our friends  doing good things to their local environment.  Pay them a visit to see what they are doing & connect 

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We would like to say a big thank you to our friends at the Pollination project who have  supported us with a grant for $1000.  If you run a community project they might be interested in what you are doing 

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