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The Lower Rhymney "Our Space"  Community Agroforestry Area

The story so far... 

This is a truly amazing Community opportunity  and members of the community have already identified activities that could be taking place  - We have also had support from local craft people  who want to be involved in supporting the local community to develop the area in a way that offers the most community benefits 

  • Willow beds and craft and fencing opportunities 

  • Coppice activities could lead to local groups and individuals developing the skills needed to create  Hurdles, Fencing, and craft-based items - You could be engaged in this for fun, leisure, or as a community activity 

  • A multi-use community hub  - What activities would you like to see going on there?  Community cooking classes,  A community fridge of food club, 

The vision - this sets out the potential of the area

Initial consultation period 2022 - 23 
Soil Association  Visit and support  -   skilled craft makers  - Hatton Willow & Cottage Coppicing  have surveyed the area and have provided input  on how to create and manage willow beds and coppice areas 

Community Consultation (Ongoing) 

Volunteer events   Coppice and Willow events  
The early stages of a group of volunteers who linked to the development of the project
The creation of an embryo of a steering group 


Your Space  - Your Community, Your Opportunity 

Images from a wonderful coppice and willow activity day (October 2023) 

CaM EAFRD 2014-2020.png

GOOD NEWS! 2023 - 24 

Great News   -  We have received funding through the Food for Growth RDP fund that will allow us to support and work with the community in developing this project  -  This period will run from November 2023 - until March 2025  Fantastic news for the  community!

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