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Inspiring Young Minds : Introducing Our New Biodiversity & Growing Awards Schemes For Schools!

Welcome to a new era of sustainability and environmental stewardship in schools! We are thrilled to announce our ground breaking awards scheme, designed to revolutionise the way schools approach biodiversity and ecological growth.

This unique program for UK primary schools goes beyond merely promoting green practices; it aligns with curriculum needs, enhances school sites, and presents an impressive showcase to Ofsted.

Our aim is to empower schools to become Biodiversity & Growing Champions, fostering a genuine connection with nature and inspiring future generations to care for our planet. With a comprehensive package that includes resources, training, and recognition, we are excited to embark on this transformative journey together, hand in hand with dedicated teachers and enthusiastic students. Let's make our school sites a flourishing habitat for biodiversity, cultivating a profound love and respect for nature that will last a lifetime.

Our new scheme comes equipped with fun visuals to help excite and engage students, also providing shareable opportunities to celebrate each success with parents and the local community through social media. We felt that with more visuals like badges, certificates, and awards, there is more positive reinforcement for students' efforts. When they see their accomplishments displayed in a visually appealing manner, it boosts their confidence and motivates them to take on more challenges.

How it works:

  • The Awards Scheme is comprised of 2 Awards. Biodiversity Champions Award, and Growing Champions Award.

  • You can choose to do the awards side by side.

  • Each award contains 8 challenges, which you'll be provided instructions, worksheets and other resources depending on the challenge.

  • You can track your schools progress with the challenge trackers which we recommend printing and creating a display board for students and school visitors to admire.

  • Upon completing each challenge you'll be sent a badge of completion. The 8 challenges are split into 3 section, bronze, silver and gold - which you'll receive certificates for along the way.

  • When you've completed all 8 challenges (which will take approximately 1 school year) you'll receive a certificate of achievement, a digital badge of recognition to display on your website, and a prize for completion.

In total there are 2 challenge trackers, 16 challenges, bronze, silver and gold certificates (X2), a Schools Biodiversity Champions Award & Certificate, and a Schools Growing Champions Award & Certificate.

The use of fun visuals and the implementation of an awards scheme centered around biodiversity and growing challenges can significantly enhance a school's position during Ofsted inspections. It provides concrete evidence of the school's dedication to providing an engaging and environmentally friendly learning environment while fostering a sense of responsibility and care for nature among its students - so what are you waiting for? Sign your school up today!

Sound costly? It's actually not! All we ask from schools for being part of our Schools Network is to host a non-school uniform day in aid of our CiC organisation, or give a minimum donation of £50 during our annual Crowdfunder. Being part of our Schools Network means you will also receive a Mini Orchard for your school site, wildflower plugs, and more!

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