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Supporters  -  These are organisations who are helping One Planet Matters put their vision into practice by providing financial support. 


We are supporting people to remain independent in their own homes through providing non-medical care. Independence and companionship provide a sense of self worth, improve self esteem and ensures your loved one doesn’t have to rely on others to complete simple, everyday tasks.


Our team of companions are responsible for making our clients’ lives that little bit brighter through providing consistent and high-quality care and support. They assist others’ loved ones to achieve daily tasks, fulfil personal goals and to live as independently as possible. 

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The Earth’s biodiversity is rich – we harbour a variety of living species from plants, animals and bacteria that all play their part in a well-functioning eco system. However, as concerns continue to grow about the planet amid the rise of climate change, there has never been a better time to contribute to communities and organisations that put the planet first. By each of us contributing on a local scale, we pave the way for a larger impact.

That’s where One Planet Matters comes in. One Planet Matters and Natracare share a very common goal: to create change that benefits both people and the planet. That is why through the 1% for the Planet initiative, we are proud to partner with One Planet Matters as part of our 1% for the planet donations. Read more about our support here.

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