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Our mission is to create environmental and social change through action and understanding. We do this through our core initiatives and networks which drive community-led projects that focus on improving biodiversity and creating local food networks 

The other key element of our work is our Schools Network which is having a significant positive impact in creating biodiverse spaces and school orchards as well as bringing nature-based learning support to  staff and pupils alike 


Welcome to One Planet Matters!

Our Networks

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Schools Network

Providing schools with support and resources and to create wildlife areas and growing spaces. Meeting school curriculum needs, improving biodiversity and improving food security. 


Growing Communities Network

Our network supports growers, such as allotments, home growers and community gardens, to reduce food waste by distributing surplus produce to local food banks and community kitchens. 

Our Initiatives


Community Projects 

Our Communitiy projects  focus on two key areas.  Orchards and Biodiversity.  We support  communities to  improve local biodiversity & create community orchards,  


Agroforestry - South Wales

Find out more about our agroforestry site in South Wales which is currently being developed! Soon we'll be able to offer workshop, educational visits, and more! 

Get Involved

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Become A Community Partner

If you are involved in an allotment, community garden, community orchard or any other type of growing space we'd love to hear from you. Community partners are a vital line of communication between One Planet Matters and our Networks.


Become A Volunteer

Our volunteers are the heart of our organisation!  The tasks are diverse and change with the seasons but that means, with such a wide range of volunteering opportunities & activities available there will be something to suit everybody! 

Upcoming Volunteer Days

Our Funders & Partners

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