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Environmental and social responsibility eLearning package

As part of our commitment to create change we have launched our environmental eLearning package, which is currently being used by Colleges and Universities.

Who is it for?

This resource has been designed for Level 3 students and undergraduates. 

How is it structured?

The package is structured into core modules and has deep dive & extension sections. It is flexible and can be used as an open resource, for tutorials, enrichment or to aid specific areas of curriculum work. We also ask institutions to suggest updates that can then be added, making the resource flexible and responsive to the user's needs.  

How much does it cost? 

This is a subscription-based resource and the cost you pay will depend on when in the academic year you take it on.  The costing is flexible and good value for money.  The payment we do receive is used to support our Growing Communities Network, meaning your institution will be supporting an environmentally and socially positive initiative.  

What are users of the package saying?

This comprehensive but short e-learning course covers a range of inspiring and important topics; climate change sciences, global issues and your carbon footprint. Social justice and human rights are embedded within the course as well, and it shows how these issues are interconnected with climate change. There are also ‘deeper dive’ sections which cover fascinating topics in an accessible way, such as greenwashing and fast fashion.

Faith Terry-Doyle -- Sustainability Co-ordinator, The Student's Union at UWE (University of West of England)

What to do next?

Contact us so we can send you some live links to the package, and we will arrange to get back to you at a time convenient to you. 

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