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Curriculum integration

The Schools’ Network is a groundbreaking initiative focused on creating an
environment to support nature-based learning. We work with you, over a number of years,
to develop your outside space, focusing on growing and biodiversity. Projects can include
creating a school orchard, wildflower areas, and also growing areas. You will have access to a
wide range of resources from ready-prepared activity and information sheets to detailed

curriculum notes.

This will enable you to explore a nature-based approach to learning or enhance your existing


To support you in your journey we have created a School Awards Scheme, which records the
journey you and your pupils take. You will be able to chart your progress through bronze,
silver, and gold certification in both Biodiversity and Growing. This will be recognised at an
annual awards event to be arranged with your school and usually during the last term of the
academic year.

These certificates recognise your school's dedication to environmental stewardship and
also serve as a testament to your ongoing commitment to a greener future.

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We’ll support your school in 2 ways: Biodiversity Support & Growing support!


  • Orchard planting

  • Wildflower planting

  • Monthly biodiversity challenges with tracker - All challenges are created alongside the curriculum so that you don’t have to compromise precious teaching time!


  • Help to fund and create new growing spaces or enhancing existing ones

  • Monthly Growing Challenges with tracker

  • Access to Growing Communities Network

This unique scheme for UK primary schools goes beyond merely promoting green
practices; it aligns with curriculum needs, enhances school sites, and presents an

impressive showcase to Ofsted.


​Our aim is to empower schools to become Biodiversity &  Growing champions, fostering
a genuine connection with nature and inspiring future generations to care for our
planet. With a comprehensive package that includes resources, training, and
recognition, we are excited to embark on this transformative journey together.

Our scheme provides opportunities to celebrate each success with pupils through our

visually engaging Activities Tracker and certificates.

When pupils see their accomplishments displayed in a visually appealing manner, it
boosts their confidence and motivates them to take on more challenges.

How it works:

​The School Awards Scheme consists of 2 categories: Biodiversity and Growing. When
you join our Schools’ Network you will receive your school’s Activities Tracker. This is
conveniently printed on an A3 poster for ease of displaying in your school for students
and school visitors to see. Stickers will also be supplied to show completion of activities.
​You can choose to complete the awards at a pace that suits your school and curriculum


To achieve certification in both Biodiversity and Growing, a minimum number of activities need to be completed for each:

Bronze – A total of 4 activities
Silver – 2 additional activities (6 total)
Gold – 2 additional activities (8 total)

Instructions/worksheets and other resources are provided.

Each year we will visit your school to recognise your achievements from the year. You

will be presented with the relevant certificates at this event.

When you have completed all 8 activities in either of the categories (Biodiversity or
Growing) you will be awarded champion status along with a digital badge of recognition

to display on your website.


Full list of activities provided:

Biodiversity Curriculum/Activity  -   

  • Bioblitz  (At start of the process) 

  • Build a Bug & Bee  hotel

  • Creating a wildflower patch

  • Creating a Hedgehog friendly environment 

  • Making a Bird feeder

  • Creating a Water feature for wildlife

  • Investigating Soil 

  • Planting an orchard

Growing Curriculum/Activity  - 

  • Companion Planting  

  • Green Spaces and Temperature Making a Thermometer

  • Making a Rainwater gauge

  • Making a Compost Heap 

  • Creating a Wormery

  • Vertical Growing

  • Regrowing Food (From scraps and cuttings) 

  • Growing with Hydroponics 

Here's a taste of what you'll receive when you join the network!

Additional Information Resources: 

  • Growing Survey * (To be completed at when you Join the Schools’ Network and reviewed at the end of the academic year

  • One Planet Matters will review progress at the end of School Year  prior to awards week 

  • Seed saving * This is an additional activity that can be undertaken and can count as one of your 8 steps towards Growing Gold certification 

  • Monthly Growing guide * - We provide all schools with a detailed Monthly Growing Guide 

  • No - Dig Method This is an additional activity that can be undertaken and can count as one of your 8 steps towards Biodiversity Gold certification.

What to do now? 
  • Contact us about joining the network using the contact form below.
  • Book your site visit! We will visit and produce a proposal document that will set out how we can support the development.
  • We will also review where your school currently sits in relation to the  School Awards Scheme and use this as the starting point of your journey towards Gold Certification.  

What we ask of you:

We do not charge you to join the Schools Network, but we do ask that you organise a

non-uniform day once a year and that you donate the money you raise to One Planet Matters. As a Not for Proft organisation,  these funds will be used to support the  our Community Projects 

Join the Schools Network

If you would like to get involved or discuss how we can support you through our

Schools Network, we would love to hear from you.

Contact Us

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