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Intergenerational Growing Initiative


What is Intergenerational Growing?

One Planet Matters works to reconnect people with their community and local environment. As part of our work, we support nature-based intergenerational connections by linking care facilities with schools, Scouts and other youth groups, and providing resources for nature-based activities. We can also run workshops to facilitate these activities.


We work with older and younger people within communities to facilitate relationship-building, where seniors and children can learn from and with one another through fun and engaging activities, while creating meaningful connections which enhance personal and social wellbeing.

Reconnecting generations: why is it important?

Our communities are largely divided up into age-specific groups which engage with different activities in separated spaces, with children in schools and playgrounds and the elderly in care homes or retirement facilities. This has not always been the case, and it certainly isn’t the case everywhere in the world. In fact, we know that the UK is one of the most age-segregated countries in the world!


What effect does this have on our communities? According to United For All Ages (2020), “[this] can cause loneliness and exclusion, lack of trust, ageism and division between the generations”. By bringing older and younger people together to engage in fun connective activities, we can combat this generational divide, disrupt the age-based stigma, and help tackle depression and loneliness.

As well as supporting community connection and individual wellbeing, we believe that nature-based knowledge which is passed on between generations is a vital part of protecting and regenerating a healthy and sustainable relationship with nature

See our blog post for more information on nature-based intergenerational connections, and get in touch below if you would like to learn more or work with us.

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Get in touch

If you are part of a school, Scouts group, care home, community group, or anyone else who would be interested in us supporting intergenerational nature-based activities with you, please get in touch!


Drop us an email if you are interested in working together to restore our connection to community and wildlife.

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