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Our Story

One Planet Matters - The Beginning

Kevin to use this space to tell the story of when and how OPM was created and where it began. What's the story behind the cups? What was the inspiration? Did OPM take a different direction, if so, why? 

Bamboo One Planet Matters Re-usable Cup

What's happening now at One Planet Matters?

Bamboo One Planet Matters Re-usable Cup

Kevin to use this space to explain what OPM is currently working on - Key focuses. 


Paragraph on GCN - Collab with Roots & Wildlife Trust ect

Paragraph on SN - Size of the network, interest works planned (accesible planters) ect. 

Paragraph on building the hub - pictures of progress?

What is the vision for One Planet Matters' future?

Kevin can use this space to passionately describe his vision for OPM's future. Wanting to open up income streams by working in affiliation with various companies to provide addition resources on commission basis? Open an OPM store with new resources, activities and products? 

Paragraph on Schools network future 

Paragraph on Growing Communities Network future

Paragraph on OPM HUB future

Bamboo One Planet Matters Re-usable Cup

Our Team.

Kevin works alongside a varying and fluid team of freelancers fulfilling various needs for the organisation. Kevin enjoys supporting passionate and enthusiastic individuals, providing them with a great stepping stone on their career paths!


Here's Kevin and his current team:

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